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This is my attempt at click bait.

Did it work?

2017, what a trip, amirite?

Yep I haven't posted in over 200 days says wix, so here ya go. My year in review or whatever.

Shout out to Robert O Photography for this wonderful gem from my latest head shot session. I love this photo so much but have no idea what I can book with it, so I'm sharing it with you.

A year ago I lived in St. John's, NL.

It's a beautiful, magical place and I miss it immensely.

BUT Toronto (the 6ix, T.Dot. T.O. TO, Trana) has been very kind to me this year.

I got accepted to the Second City Training Centre's Sketch Conservatory Program, met a bunch of wonderful humans, these wonderful humans dragged me to some fun improv shows and actually let me participate. I also managed to score a gig teching improv & standup shows at the John Candy Box Theatre, which is super cool. PS: My grad show is April 21st everyone, it's gonna be so swell.

I had my first Toronto Fringe experience with Dear Uncle Wish and it was incredible. Samantha Chaulk's beautiful Newfoundland Play about healing is exactly what I needed to help me transition from my life in St. John's to Toronto. I got to play a whole bunch of different characters which I always love AND I got to meet some fabulous Toronto based artists. Honestly, I wasn't sure how long I was going to stay in Toronto until I auditioned for this show and got cast, I figured I could stick around until the end of the summer at least, then I got into the Conservatory program, so Toronto you're stuck with me.

I found this group of fabulous, friendly, and driven actors in The Actors Workspace. It's like an actor's gym where we meet every week to work on scene studies and these folks have no doubt made me a better and more confident actor. They're opening up sessions for beginner actors in the new year so check it out if you're at all interested. I'm starting to take myself more seriously as an actor I think, the first step is really calling myself an actor, which I am, so there. New Years Resolution #1 - Take myself more seriously as an actor, update all my support materials (ie. this website & blog), figure out my brand (whatever that is). Help on that front would be much appreciated. I'm still looking for an agent too, if anyone wants to refer me.

I also took a few writing courses at Second City which sort of reminded me how much I really love writing, I have a bunch of half baked sketches and a terrible 1st draft of a TV pilot. There are so many great classes offered each semester, so take some if you can. There are scholarship & internship opportunities too if you're in need. Drop in classes and online courses too. I linked the website somewhere up there, here it is again if you don't wanna scroll.

I discovered Unit 102 and their incredible Operation 24 play series. So 6 writers, 6 directors, and a bunch of actors meet at 8pm one evening, they bring objects and/or stories to tell which inspire the writers to each write a 10min play overnight. Then the directors & actors rehearse all day and perform 2 shows at 8pm & 10pm the next evening. Absolutely wild, but so much fun. I was lucky enough to participate as a writer twice and it's really cool to see how it all turns out. My plays were "Magic is Real" & "TibbsEveTO". It's a great group of artists and you should go check out their stuff! Writing overnight is pretty liberating because you can't be too precious about it, you just have to get something down that sort of makes sense and you hope kinda works, less time for you to second guess all your ideas. I love writing so much. NYR #2 - write more, starting with this blog, maybe. I want to write every day, even if only a little, I want to finish a second draft of my pilot at least, and write a first draft of the feature that I've had an outline for the last few years, I want to work on my self discipline as a writer and stick to my own deadlines.

I also started working part time at a gym with every intention to become a gym person who works out all the time and have yet to use my free gym membership for that purpose. NYR #3 - work out and eat good, it's the super cliche resolution but whatever guys if I write it down I have to do it, just like, if I work at a gym I'll have to work out right? #logic

I volunteered at a TIFF party for YEAA, if you're an ACTRA member (playable age range 17-30) you should check it out they do good things. I worked the check-in table and then when I was released I hid in the corner and drank wine until I felt a little less uncomfortable. NYR #4 - "networking" stop being terrible at it, I find these events terrifying, I need to get over that and relax, it's funny I was the same when I first moved to St. John's but I eventually worked enough with everyone that it got so much easier, it's easy to feel like I'm back at the bottom of a new ladder, which I am, but I hope my other ladder put me up a couple extra rungs etc metaphor! I also need to take more pics or it didn't happen, 'cause I'm always to intimidated to go by the big backdrop and get a fancy picture so I will do that more. "Networking" as a word is scary, I just wanna make friends who I can also work with.

So I can't think of any more resolutions right now, I decided to write this and post it before the new year. Here's to a optimistic 2018. Oh here's one! NYR #5 - be grateful, as much as you can, for whatever you can, don't hold grudges or wallow (or at least only wallow for a designated amount of time when needed). I just got back from my childhood home (Cape Breton, NS) and got to spend time with family & friends, including toddlers, babies, & dogs, and am so grateful for that time. Thanks to anyone who's reading this, (like seriously, why would you? This is so long and self serving) feel free to comment your resolutions below if you feel so inclined. I'm going to try to keep posting on here semi-regularly as I try to figure out what the hell I'm doing with my life. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! -J

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