Second City, Toronto, Fringe, FRAMED West and other fun things!

Hey friends,

It's been a while since I posted.

I've been busy!

Since I last posted I took an auditioning for camera class "Audition Dynamics" with Ron Leach.

(Check him out at

It was a great masterclass where we essentially auditioned every class, watched our auditions, and discussed them. It was great to get those muscles working and totally built up confidence to be in the room. I asked a ridiculous amount of questions but Ron didn't mind. It was a really great class and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting some on camera audition practice, or just wants to feel better prepared in the room. This is my first week in 6 weeks that I'm not in the class, so I'm writing a blog post to feel productive and am going to look at all my auditions and feedback (we get a dvd at the end!) from the class so I can better prepare for my upcoming self tape. FUN!

Also, with all that audition confidence


So I'm officially moving to Toronto for real, that's settled. I have to go back and move out of my apartment in St. John's and I'm so looking forward to be back there but it'll be bittersweet but also SUPER EXCITING. I got a bit of practice in improv and sketch during ALMOST BAYMOUS but I'm super pumped to go through this program. Improv to me is pure acting, just being in a time and space and trusting the people around you and playing. I've always struggled with nerves in auditions so this will help me find the fun and hone my recently reawakened improv skills. I used to do improv a lot in highschool and university. I took a writing course last semester at Second City and it was so much fun, the sense of community there is really cool. The Training Centre building itself was so alive with a bunch of different classes going on at different times that it felt like I was back in theatre school, I really love that environment. We jump right into it and our first public performance is May 17th at 915pm @ the JCP theatre.

Speaking of writing and Grenfell Campus (my alma matter).

I was commissioned to write a short film for the St. John's International Film Festival's FRAMED West Film Camp. This program is very very dear to my heart because it's really what started my career in film. SJIWFF does FRAMED workshops all over Newfoundland and Labrador. It's an outreach program to teach high school students and adults how to make a film from pre-production, production, and post. A week to plan, shoot, and edit a short film that screens on the final night and at the SJIWFF in St. John's in the fall.

I wrote a short script called "AllNightER" about pulling an all nighter studying for Art History in the green room (our lounge at the Grenfell Theatre, which I actually did as a student there). This is the first screenplay I wrote that was directed by someone else. The talented Jenina MacGillivray acted as a directing mentor and Victoria Wells was the post production/editing mentor. I've worked with both in St. John's and they're both wonderful. Can't wait to see the final product at the SJIWFF in the fall!

Newfoundland? Toronto Fringe?

Yep! I got cast as a player in this beautiful new play premiering at the Toronto Fringe Festival. It was written by a fellow Grenfell Theatre grad and local improviser Samantha Chaulk and she's also acting and producing it. I moved to Toronto and now I get to do a play about Newfoundland with a bunch of Newfoundlanders! It's a nice bit of a place I love. It's called Dear Uncle Wish and I'll be talking more about it as we get closer to the Fringe!

Thanks so much for reading all that, I'm even just trying to catch myself up on everything I've been up to.


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