Emily Deming - Short Plays St. John's 2016 - "Pirate Play"

September 27, 2016 - A (theatre) Festivus for the Rest of Us: Emily Reviews The Shorts of “St. John’s Shorts”
The Overcast

Pirate Play (kid's show) (**recommend**)


This is a production for very young children. And, as such, it is quite nice. It is simple and the appealing cardboard “ship” with its own miniature “plank” are just what your 2-5 year old wants to clamber aboard. The plot is simple and in that particularly un-weird vein of children’s entertainment where the “good guys” are the nicest and most rational kids on the playground and the end goal of personhood is “inviting everyone to play equally.” And for just $5 dollars the cast hams that message up with good nature, a fun pirate song accompanied by ukulele, and free juice boxes for all the scurvy dogs in the audience. My pre-schooler has already asked if we can go again. It is also an excellent and completely stress-free way to introduce your child to live theatre. Go ahead and try it, you just might like it even though anything objectionable has been stripped out.



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